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Large anal beads are one or more beads of various sizes made of elastic ceramics and polymers such as plastic, metal, and glass, which are worn inside the anus to maximize the user’s experience by providing pleasurable stimulation of the anal area. Happiness, which brings them a lot of pleasure.

Large anal beads are designed for the average user, and are characterized by their larger bead volume, making them ideal for users with a higher level of importance who want a more intense taste. Therefore, the colors of this kind of huge anal beads are relatively rich, including ordinary cool colors, as well as more eye-catching bright colors and metallic colors. According to different aesthetics, you can choose suitable huge anal beads.

There are also many kinds of materials for this kind of huge anal beads. Generally speaking, polymer and ceramics are the most commonly used materials, while polymer beads are soft and textured, which is a better soft feeling. Glass beads are softer in color and suitable for slow motion. Novice: metal beads, because the material is hard and durable, and the texture is relatively cool, it is more suitable for slow motion, the shape is relatively free, and the stimulation is stronger.

Large anal beads need to have enough protective agents when using them, so as not to be affected by lubricants when sliding, and be affected by external adverse effects. Lubricants can also fully moisturize the skin and relieve irritation. In addition, before using large anal beads, you should also pay attention to cleaning, so as not to be affected by bacteria and dirt, and to ensure cleanliness.

Large anal beads are favored by more users because of their variety of materials, hygienic and easy to wear. If you use large anal beads, you can enjoy more interesting sex and increase the fun of family life, especially when the sex toys stimulate any one or two kinds of stimulation at the same time, you can get a stronger feeling of joy and help enhance sex interests, thereby enhancing the fun of sex and bringing users the ultimate happiness.