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The glass prostate massager is a self-massage tool that can be used to relieve prostate pain. Using a glass prostate massager can have a great effect on relaxing the prostate muscles, which can effectively shorten the recovery time and shorten the treatment period of prostate disease. The characteristics of the glass prostate massager are: First, the precise structure surrounding the prostate can effectively improve the function of the prostate. Second, the glass is small in size, easy to carry and use, as long as it touches the prostate, it can be easily rolled inward. The third is that when touching the prostate and after massage, it feels gentle and comfortable, can protect the prostate, and can massage the prostate with a low rolling force, which is convenient and effective for the relaxation and treatment of the prostate.

There are two basic types of massagers in glass prostate massagers: dry pinch massagers and activation massagers. The dry pinching massager is specially used for the prostate area. It can carefully touch, tidy up or clean the prostate gland. It can relax the prostate gland, reduce prostatitis and stimulate the metabolism of the prostate gland to improve the health of the prostate gland. The glass prostate massager can relax the prostate area locally, and has the slow stimulating force of side rotation, and with the anti-aging properties, it is helpful for the overall health management of the prostate.

The glass prostate massager does not contain any religious components, and the road and time of the massage part are derived from unbiased professional guidance. It is a very safe, multi-functional and effective auxiliary tool. In addition, the glass prostate massager can Clearly define massage areas suitable for maintaining good prostate health and tone.

When using the glass prostate massager, you must pay attention to it. Excessive force may cause damage to the prostate, so remember to always control the power of the glass prostate massager to massage the prostate in a more gentle way, and not on the painful part Use it or it may cause unexpected bleeding.

In long-term use, the glass prostate massager can improve the health of the prostate, improve defecation problems, promote blood circulation and immune function, help maintain a healthy body structure, eliminate chest redness and relieve prostate recurrence, shorten treatment time, and prevent the occurrence of prostate diseases . For those men who often suffer from prostate disease, the glass prostate massager can fundamentally solve the prostate health problem, restore a healthy lifestyle, and allow you to live a healthier and better life!