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Egg masturbator is an artificial sex organ, based on the spirit of prolonging sexual life, it is a high-tech sex toy used to improve male masturbation. Egg masturbators mimic women’s body parts and can provide a gentle shell that is specially designed to vibrate the male reproductive organs so that the latter can enjoy a more sexual experience. A variable vibrator can be stored in a specific size elastic housing, which can have different amplitudes and speeds to operate according to the different vibration needs of the user.

Egg masturbators can be used as an alternative to hand masturbation for the most provocative sexual needs. It makes it easy for men to mobilize their passion for masturbation, adding an addictive rehearsal for sex games. Many egg masturbators are equipped with heat mode and vibration mode, where you can find the best masturbation experience, not only provide sex, but also get more surprises in double play.

There are many kinds of egg masturbators, which can meet the needs of different users. The most common ones are realistic stickers, egg masturbators that imitate private parts, Porckkin egg masturbators, path control eggs, etc., all of which have their own unique features. Features and uses can meet the sexual needs of different users.

The realistic masturbation toy  has an automatic device, which can imitate the up-breathing and down-breathing techniques of women’s private parts, making a soft sucking feeling, allowing users to experience real-like sexual comfort. Its vibration intensity can be adjusted precisely, Give users more adjustable options.

The egg masturbator has two-way vibration technology, and is equipped with delicate eddy current feedback inside, which can simulate occasional sweating and bring a happier experience to masturbation. The path-control egg-type egg masturbator has a vibration elastic path, According to the user’s sexual needs, the vibration of any wall in the whole body can be changed to meet users who experience different sexual needs.

Egg masturbator is a mature sex toy, which can make people feel comfortable no matter from the perspective of sexual function or health and safety. It can perfectly simulate the best quality sex, meet the diverse needs of men, and bring users a more instinctive sexual experience. At the same time, its material is safe and durable, and it is sought after by many lovers of sexual fantasies. It can bring safe and efficient sexual comfort, and give users the most intimate tender feeling.