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The thrusting dildo, also known as the “moving dildo”, is a “sex toy” shaped like a stick. Made of gum resin and rubber or other elastomers, it is commonly used for natural intercourse frequency, depth, and potency between bisexual and heterosexual people. Generally, intersexual people do not need to use artificial rhythms, such a thrusting dildo can be seen as a good reason to help their libido, and it’s one of the best ways to re-experience each other’s sex.

The emergence of thrusting dildos enables polysexuals to give themselves a safer, more comfortable and more interesting sex experience. They have been specially processed to have a strong thrust force, and the desired effect can be achieved without the user using too much force. In many cases, the action of pushing the love stick depends entirely on the willpower and rhythm of the pusher.

Thrusting dildos are used in a wide variety of adult activities ranging from lushly colored porn scenes to competitions, a test of strong pushing ability, and users can also use it to enjoy their own sex pleasure.

Thrusting dildos come in a variety of front styles in different shapes and sizes. Some spring impactors are soft and some are harder, depending on what you want to achieve. When using it, you can also add a variety of soiling materials to make it more competitive and better meet the satisfaction of both parties.

The thrusting dildo can also adjust the temperature so that it can be felt more comfortably by the user. When its feeling gives people great satisfaction, it is considered as a fertile “sex herb”. When the bodies of both parties are satisfied , the effect of pushing the love stick is also better.

The main advantage of the thrusting dildo is to improve the distance between the two parties during sexual intercourse, and its focus is to bring more sexual pleasure to both parties. It can energize your sex and help both parties build a good intimacy. In addition, some models of push love sticks also include vibrators, and when it starts to vibrate, you will feel more pleasure.

A thrusting dildo is a safe sex toy for adult sex play that allows the body to enjoy stimulation, passion and more eroticism. It can not only regulate the sexual pleasure provided, but also can be used safely without any adverse effects, which can provide more pleasure for both parties’ sexual experience.