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Long dildo is a very popular sex toy, a pussy dick simulated by a real or wax object, for sexual pleasure. The long dildos are usually about 12 inches (30 cm) long, and many include a head that can be attached to the vaginal opening or to an anal insertion. The long dildo is typically made of leather, plastic, rubber, plastic or other material to simulate the shape and size of a male penis. For those who have insertion needs, the extended dildo allows them to receive the service more perfectly.

Since it can be up to 12 inches long, the long dildo can penetrate deep, even up to standard penis sizes. Part of a device of this temperament are built-in sensors to simulate the sensation of full insertion. A long dildo entry feels more real and can provide an intensely satisfying experience.

However, any long dildos should be properly cared for in order to have the best sexual experience during use. Whether extended dildos are more likely to break than regular devices depends on the material, plastic and rubber dildos are generally more durable, while long dildos made of real leather are more likely to break. Regardless of the material used, the dildo should be stored in a dry place so that the unit can be maintained with more care, making it a great companion for many years.

One of the effective ways to use long dildo is to insert slowly, don’t add in a forced way, so as not to cause unnecessary damage. When using an long dildo, it is recommended to use a good quality lubricant, as this type of sexual penetration may cause irritation to the tissue, using a lubricant can reduce irritation and make the operation easier.

Additionally, long dildos are often used in the center inserts of other sex toys for an interactive sexual experience. Sex toys that have a long dildo as the most important main component are available in different sizes, allowing the machine to fill the vagina for a true “entry” experience. While there are many tricks that can be used with an long dildo, the most important thing is to obtain maximum safety and satisfaction through proper maintenance.