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Fist dildo, also known as the masturbation cup, is a sex toy designed based on the shape of the human body, with built-in dual-vibration shaking head and buttocks vibration details, gorgeous and colorful decoration, clear texture, and meeting different personal massage and genital stimulation needs.

The fist dildo is based on the design concept of the human finger shape, with built-in dual-vibration shaking head and buttocks vibration details, allowing you to immerse yourself in joyful stimulation from head to toe. They are made of very beautiful soft silicone, with a soft texture, which gives you a feeling of being closer to the skin, and is safer and more reliable.

The fist dildo can be used to violently massage the nipples and stimulate various sensitive points, which can be the first step to create a unique and intense sexual experience. This fist dildo sex toy changes the traditional form of friction vibration, which can stimulate the clitoris and vulva, while using its subtle vibrations to touch other sensitive parts, it can make women orgasm quickly, while men calmly immerse themselves in In the process of caressing sex, feel the guidance of real emotions.

In addition, the fist dildo can be changed flexibly to meet the needs of different body types. There are more color modes and more default modes in these fun accessories, so that you can fully own your spirit and let you release yourself to the fullest. At the same time, it can also help you recover from pain, help improve muscle pain, and relieve tension.

The fist dildo is safe and reliable, and it is the perfect choice for any sexual entertainment, meeting your massage and pussy stimulation needs, allowing you to enjoy the sweetest experience in pleasure stimulation.