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Double-headed dildo, this is a sex toy, the double-ended dildo uses elastic electronic fillings, and its design perfectly meets the highest sexual needs of male and female customers. It is a special sex commodity, which can bring different sex experiences through multiple head structures and special control buttons.

The appearance of the double-ended dildo looks a bit like a G-eye needle. It is connected by a head structure and a shaft, both heads are bent at a 90 degree angle from the shaft to form a pointed head, making it a unique double head structure. It has a lever on the outside made of soft plastic that controls how fast and how hard the head bounces and how it moves in the vagina or anus so that different experiences and stimulations can be obtained.

The use of double-headed dildos can increase sexual experience, help men improve their sexual skills, and enable men to better understand each other’s needs during sex, so as to better meet the highest needs of both sexes.

In addition, the double-headed dildo can also help women increase their sexual excitement and sexual stimulation, so that women can reach the peak of S and enjoy the pleasure brought by sex at the same time.

The material of the double-ended dildo is mostly soft PVC, especially its head is made of TPR, this material is extremely soft, it can make a very soft and comfortable double-ended dildo, and it can also resist temperature and Acid-base action, will not cause adverse reactions.

In short, the double-headed dildo is an emerging sex toy. Its design can provide a variety of sexual experiences, help to improve the excitement and management of sexual love, and at the same time help men improve their skills and bring more abundant sex. experience.