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Anal sex and anal masturbators are a special category of male sex toys, and their special shape and special function make them a unique category. The purpose of the anal masturbator is to bring more stimulation and pleasure to men by providing optional insertion kits of different textures, structures, shapes and colors.

There are usually two different types of anal masturbators, one is a normal anal masturbator without a vibrator, and the other is an anal masturbator with a vibrator, which can be adjusted by adjusting the intensity of the vibrator or by different Action to achieve more excitement.

Ordinary anal masturbators are usually used to imitate the various textures of the natural anal cavity. They are usually made of cork polyurethane, silicone, polyethylene or vinyl materials, providing a variety of textures, diameters and shapes to meet different needs. User’s customization needs. Likewise, since there are different sizes and shapes of insert kits to choose from, users can flexibly configure them according to their own needs and suit their bodies.

The anal masturbator with a vibrator combines the features of an anal masturbator with the effect of a vibrator. In addition to the basic shape and material, this type of anal masturbation toy is also equipped with a vibrator with adjustable intensity. Users can control the stimulation, comfort and degree through the vibrator, so that masturbation is more effective and safe.

The anal masturbator can help men achieve intense sexual happiness, enhance sexual feelings and emotional experience, it can help improve sexual dysfunction, and it can also be used as a fresh sex game to help strengthen the relationship between men and their partners sexual connection.

In addition, while ensuring safety, the anal masturbator is also easy to operate and maintain. Generally, it can be cleaned with soapy water or mild lotion, and then wiped dry. It is also relatively easy to replace when it needs to be replaced.

In general, the anal masturbator is a special male sex toy, which can help men obtain higher sexual pleasure, and at the same time can effectively improve sexual dysfunction, shorten the distance between men and their partners, and can also be used as a game and Love love to use, add freshness. For this reason, anal dilators are very popular, and extremely popular, as an essential sex toy.