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Anal hook is a hook composed of special shapes. It is specially designed for anal sex, used to exert tension, stimulate the free area of ​​the anus and greatly increase the sexiness, inspire and familiarize more new pleasures.

The shape of the anal hook is very special. It has a large cylinder in the middle and two anal hooks extending from the top of the cylinder at both ends. Because of its large enough size, it is considered as a safe anal sex toy, which can effectively prevent the anus and intestine from being stimulated by the outside and form adverse reactions. After wearing the anal hook, you can guarantee that your anus will be pulled. This feeling cannot be created without this toy, and it will bring you a new stimulation.

In addition to being used as an anal dilator, the anal hook can also be used as a general anal hook, for example, it can be hung between two ropes, or it can be tied with a double-headed anal hook to tie the anuses of two people together firmly. , so that both parties can experience more intense stimulation.

Anal hook can be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or other non-toxic materials, and the surface needs to be coated with a high-quality sliding coating to make it safer to use. It is also very simple and easy to use, just a soft rag, you can apply a layer of lubricant after soaking, and it is easy to enter the anus when you put it on, which more effectively reflects its design advantages.

In addition, you need to be careful when using the anal hook, because the anal hooks at both ends will tighten the anus, and it may cause damage to the anus if it is pulled too hard. So pay special attention when using it, and experience various stimuli in moderation to avoid unnecessary damage.

Overall, the anal hook is a special kind of anal sex toy, and if you want to expand your sexual pleasure, it is well worth trying. You can fully enjoy a lot of excitement and pleasure using it, but of course you need to pay special attention to safety!